Inside Your House

insideInside Your House

  •   Minimize personal and family pictures….we want them to picture themselves in the home.

  •  New towels to hang out for showings is a great investment.

  • Replace burnt out bulbs to brighten areas, and increase wattage in dull areas like the basement.  Also dust and clean the light fixtures and light covers.

  • Too much furniture or clutter?  Put items in the basement, garage or possibly store them.

  • Keep the cabinets tidy and the fridge and stove clean as they may be looked in.

  • “If they can smell it we can’t sell it”.  Be sure there are no offensive odors in the house or garage.

  • Have the carpet stretched if there are wrinkles or loose or frayed seams.

  • Faded walls, worn woodwork and holes reduce appeal…Selective painting will add a fresh look.

  • Clean is Key…wipe off soiled doors, light switches, walls and the top of moldings to make things look clean fresh and well maintained.  Clean and possibly wax the floors, dust everything, vacuum the drapes, and just generally clean it all.

  • Clear off the counter tops to show the work space in kitchen and baths.

  • Clear out closets and cabinets.  Remove seasonal clothes and make spaces look roomy.

  • Store away the toys the kids no longer play with and tidy their areas.

  • Bathrooms and kitchens that sparkle sell homes and the opposite is true…dirty is a turn off.

  • Does the carpet need to be shampooed?

  • Dust off the water heater, furnace, water softener etc. “clean” appears to be well maintained.

*Tip: You are moving anyway, go ahead and start boxing up.